About Us

Our Story

Share the startup’s story, mentioning the founder’s trade experience in Asia and their entrepreneurial journey. Emphasize specialized knowledge of Asian markets.

Our Values

GAC bridges the gap between businesses and resources all over the world. We want to help you build connections.

Our Insights

Highlight the startup’s core competencies and values that set it apart from competitors. Showcase the team’s qualifications and understanding of the trade landscape in Asia.

Our Team

GAC brings together a diverse group of contractors chosen especially for your business needs.

Our Founder

Hubert Goodman has over 20 years of cross functional experience in business and technology, both in the United States and Asia. He spent 10 years living and working in Southeast Asia, where he developed personal connections and a deep understanding of the region’s business landscape. He is currently based in the US, and is┬áregistered as an AWS Consulting Partner.